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Andrew & Sam Foggatt

Lead the Way

Lead the Way is involved in leadership/communication training with some of New Zealand’s biggest companies and elite sports coaches. We also work extensively with the worst of New Zealand’s troubled youth using horses.

Andrew has designed a learning technique that enables the learning and insight that you will develop during the course to become a part of your ongoing leadership development. Now Andrew is dedicated to sharing this knowledge, globally. This is a training programme not to be missed!

“I realised that what I could share with people was not something that they were ever going to get with traditional training…horse whispering is not a mystical art form for dealing with horses, it is a method that equally applies to communicating with people. I have had people imploring me to make this information known because of the transformational impact it can have on their lives.” – Andrew Froggatt




Andrew’s passion for horses started at age 10 where he would spend every available moment on his grandfathers’ farm 6 kms away. If his parents were busy or thought the weather too bad to give him a ride out to his beloved horses, he would simply disappear and walk the 12km round trip over the hills to spend time with them.

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Andrew Froggatt

Sam Froggatt



I’ve always had two passions in life: People and horses. I love meeting people, learning about them and from them and working for the greater good. I also LOVE horses, Andrew would say more than him!! But I love their grace and beauty, their desire to interact with us and the unspoken bond that is formed when working with them.

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Dr Alex


Alex has been involved in high performance sport for over 25 years in numerous capacities.  After graduating from the University of Otago with degrees in Physical Education and Anthropology, Alex went on to complete a master’s degree and PhD in Sport Psychologyfrom the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada.

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Linzi Ebbage-Thomas



Linzi is an Executive Coach and Organisational Development Consultant for a number of local, national and global organisations offering coaching, consultation, facilitation and executive assessment.

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Van Gelder

For more than 30 years, Leslie has been involved in education and development. Holding an interdisciplinary Ph.D. that combines anthropology and experiential education, her work focuses largely on successful strategies for communication, fostering leadership, strategic planning and development, and focusing in on individual and team visioning.

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Leslie van Gelder

Great Space

We offer courses from three stunning locations:

Kapiti Coast:

Located in the North Island of New Zealand.  This is our main base, a beautiful 117 year old farmhouse on 8.5 acres with gorgeous views to the coast. It is a peaceful, private spot despite being an easy hour’s drive from Wellington.


Located in the Southern Alps in the beautiful South Island, this is a fantastic environment for out of the box learning.


An impressive oasis in the midst of a thriving metropolis, The Singapore Polo Club is our home away from home in south East Asia and provides a truly remarkable venue for our leadership courses.


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